About Us

State AIDS Control Society was formed on 24th September, 1998 as registered society under Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Area) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 as no profit organization as per the directive given by Government of India.
The registered office is situated at Directorate of Medical and Health Services campus as per the memorandum of Association.

TSACS envisions a Telangana state where every person living with HIV has access to quality care and is treated with dignity. Effective prevention, care and support for HIV/AIDS is possible in an environment where human rights are respected and where those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS live a life without stigma and discrimination.

TSACS has taken measures to ensure that people living with HIV have equal access to quality health services. By fostering close collaboration with NGOs, women’s self-help groups, faith-based organisations, positive people’s networks and communities, TSACS hopes to improve access and accountability of the services. It stands committed to building an enabling environment wherein those infected and affected by HIV play a central role in all responses to the epidemic – at state, district and grassroot level.

TSACS is thus committed to contain the spread of HIV in the State by building an all-encompassing response reaching out to diverse populations. We endeavour to provide people with accurate, complete and consistent information about HIV, promote use of condoms for protection, and emphasise treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. TSACS works to motivate men and women for a responsible sexual behaviour.

TSACS believes that people need to be aware, motivated, equipped and empowered with knowledge so that they can protect themselves from the impact of HIV. We confront a stark realty – HIV can happen to any of us. Our hope is that anyone can be saved from the infection with appropriate information on prevention. TSACS is built on a foundation of care and support, and is committed to consistently fabricate strategic responses for combating HIV/AIDS situation in Telangana State.

The objectives of the Telangana State AIDS Society (NACP IV) are as follows: 

Objective 1 : Reduce new infections by 50% (2007 Baseline of NACP III)

Objective 2 : Comprehensive care, support and treatment to all persons living with HIV/AIDS



Telangana State AIDS Control Society.