SIMU : Strategic Information and Management Unit

Strategic Information management is a high priority agenda under NACP.  A strategic information activity includes- data generation, dissemination and effective use.

The strategy will ensure –

v  High quality of data generation systems such as Surveillance, Programme Monitoring through SIMS and Research & Evaluation;

v  Strengthening of systematic analysis, synthesis, development, data Analysis and dissemination of Knowledge products in various forms;

v  Emphasis on Knowledge Translation as an important element of policy making and programme management at all levels; and

Establishment of robust evaluation systems for outcome as well as impact evaluation of various interventions under the programme.


HIV Sentinel Surveillance (HSS):


India has one of the largest and the most robust HIV sentinel surveillance (HSS) networks in the world. HIV sentinel surveillance data has helped to map emerging pockets of HIV epidemic and monitor HIV infection trends in the country at state and district level. It has served as a tool for development of differential approaches in the national response to HIV.

HIV Sentinel Surveillance (HSS) will be done for every 2 years for a period of consecutive 3 months throughout the nation for accurate and consistent information on HIV prevalence and to know the trends of HIV epidemic.

Recently completed 15th round of HSS(HIV Sentinel Surveillance) for FY 2016-17, among ANC & HRG population successfully in Telangana state.

HSS consisting of 29 ANC sites (400 samples each) and 20 HRG sites (250 samples each) are participated in the 15th Round of Surveillance.  A total number of 11,600 and 5,000 samples were taken from ANC and HRGs respectively.

  • Awaiting  estimations report.