Targeted Interventions

The primary focus of prevention activities is to prevent transmission of HIV virus among High Risk groups like Female sex workers (FSW), Men having sex with Men (MSM), Transgenders (TG), Intravenous drug users (IDUs), Truckers and Migrants. The HRGs are covered by NGOs supported by TSACS. The package of services provided to the targeted population for prevention of HIV are correct and consistent use of condom, STI management through NGO run private practitioners and Government run STI clinics, enabling environment through advocacy, extension of HIV testing services at ICTC. Other need based support for social entitlements community organizations and capacity building support have also being extended.

1. Female Sex Workers (FSW) Spiral Binding Flipcharts
2. Migrants Spiral Binding Flipcharts in Hindi
3. CONDOM Flayer
4. Peer Educator (PE) Kit photos